The People of Gibraltar
1910 - The Dunottar Castle - And a Beautiful Felucca

The RMS Dunottar Castle was built in 1889. She was used by the Castle Line as a Royal Mail Ship carrying passengers and mail from Southampton to Cape Town calling at Gibraltar among other ports and also used as a troop ship during the Boer War. She was later chartered to Sir Henry Simpson Lunn Ltd and used as cruise ship. The following photos dated 1910 may have been taken during one of Lunn’s cruises.

View of the Rock from the South 

View of the Donnatar Castle from the Bay with the Rock as a background and a beautiful felucca stealing the show

The huge coal hulk Java (see LINK) anchored in the Bay with some of her companions

View from the east - the water catchment area is still in the process of being built

The felucca and a rowing boat from the ship

The Rock from the South