The People of Gibraltar
1930 - Otto Wunderlich – Professional Photographer

Otto Wunderlich was born in Stuttgart in 1886. He arrived in Spain when he was 27 years old and two years later became a professional photographer. During his working life he travelled throughout Spain taking photographs of just about anything that he considered worth the trouble. He sold the results as postcards and albums which he called Paisajes y Monumentos de España. 

By 1927 he had established himself in Madrid and was producing work for several well known Spanish magazines. At some time during his career – I am not all sure when but perhaps during the early 20th century – he must have visited the Rock as there are several photographs of the place that are attributed to him. There are probably more but here are those few that I have been able to find. 

Grand Casemates

Passenger Wharf – Commercial Wharf – Bland Line terminal building

Boats near Commercial Wharf

Trafalgar Cemetery

Moorish Merchant – unknown location

Waterport Gates