The People of Gibraltar
1924 - French Tourists in Gibraltar - Silver Prints 

The following silver print photographs appear to have been taken by onsimilar views of the Rock e or more amateur or possibly photographers aboard the French steamer Le Sphinx. I use the word “possibly” because some of these photographs compare very favourably with similar views taken by contemporary professionals. 

Aboard the Sphinx – the two men are probably members of the French tourist group on their way to Gibraltar

Gibraltar - One of the tourists perhaps, posing somewhere in the south, looking north

View looking north over the Governor’s Cottage complex

The Convent – the Governor’s residence (See LINK

Lighthouse at Europa Point

North Front - possibly taken from the race course   (See LINK)

Main Street  - (see LINK) The building on the left behind the trees is the Exchange and Commercial Library (See LINK

Mount Pleasant on South Barracks Road - It was at one time the married quarters of the Eastern Telegraph Co and later that of the Cable and Wireless – Confusingly, another building nearby which was for many years the residence of the senior naval officer in Gibraltar called "The Mount", had originally also been known as Mount Pleasant

Engineer Lane looking south towards Governor’s Parade (see LINK) and St Andrews Church

Catalan Bay  looking north  (See LINK)

View of the harbour from the Alameda Gardens (See LINK)

Local tourist gharry by the Elliot memorial steps in Grand Parade

The Assembly Rooms on the northern side of Grand Parade

Camp Bay – The building and the equipment to its left were the property of the Eastern Telegraph Company

Grand Casemates Gates leading from the Casemates into the market area

The harbour and Dry Dock No 3 – It was the smallest of the three found on the southern end of the harbour - it was called the King Edward VII Dock

Europa Pass looking south

A view of the town looking north and towards Rosia Bay (See LINK) and the South Mole (See LINK)

Southport Gates (See LINK) looking north with Trafalgar cemetery on the right

The Yacht “Wasp” sailing outside the harbour

Buena Vista Barracks - I slept in that barracks for six months "haciendo el Gidief" during my military service with the Gibraltar Defence Force in 1956