The People of Gibraltar
2017 - Nationaal Archief - A Collection of Photographs

Spanish Workers Entering and Leaving Gibraltar 

Workers and other personnel leaving the Dockyard after a day's work  (1940c)

The Spanish frontier  (1940c)

Through the Gibraltar frontier  (1940c)

Spanish Aduana   (1940c)

Searched by a Carabinero  (1940c)

The Gibraltar Frontier   (1940c)

Searched by a Carabinero   (1940c)

Arriving  for work on the Algeciras ferry (1940c)

The Aduana on the day it closed (1969)

Bringing his tool back home on his last day of work before the frontier closed    (1969 )

The last trip of the Algeciras ferry to Gibraltar  (1967 )

Spanish soldier guarding the frontier after closure  (1969 )

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