The People of Gibraltar
1950 - Dorothy Ellicott - Place Names in Gibraltar

She may have been born in England but by my book, Mrs Ellicott definitely counts as a Gibraltarian. A woman of many talents - she was at one time or the other a secretary to the editor of the Gibraltar Chronicle (see LINK) a Justice of the Peace,  a one time member of a local political party, the Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights - aka the AACR, - Chair of the Gibraltar Museum Committee and the first woman member of the local City Council . . .  

More to the point she was also an avid local historian who wrote several books about Gibraltar. One of them - An Ornament to the Almeida (see LINK) which she wrote with her husband was published in 1950 and is essential reading for those interested in the minutiae of the social history of the Rock. 

She also produced several pamphlets including a little gem consisting of a very few pages in which she attempted to cover as fully as possible what it says on its title page – Place Names in Gibraltar – and of which I quote in full below. 

The pamphlet was published on behalf of the Gibraltar Tourist board - No dates anywhere but probably issued in the 1970s 

With many thanks to Rich Pitaluga who pointed me in the right direction. 
Thank you Rich!