The People of Gibraltar
1979 - Hounds are Home - The Coloured  Plates

Meet of the Calpe Hounds at First Pine Wood   (1838 – James Bateman )

1. Two Spanish guardas with Antonio Torre, the Spanish Earth-stopper on his pony.
2 Colonel HRH Pronce George of Cambridge (member 1838)
3. Prince George’s groom
4. Maj. R. H. Garrett KH – 46th Reg. Master, 1839-41)
5. Lieut. John Massey, 48th Regt (Acting Whipper IN (Member 1838)
6. Lieut. and Adjutant John Williamson, 33rd Regt. (Hon Sect, 1838-40)
7. Capt. F. R. Blake, 33rd Regt. (Member 1838)
8. Lieut. H. E. Morrit, RA (Huntman (1838-42)
9. Maj. E. D. H. Elers Napier, 46h Regt. (Member 1841)
10. Jack (Kennel Huntsman and Whipper In, c1838)
11. Miss Devayne
12. Capt H. Knight Erskine, 33rd Regt (Not listed as Member)
13. Lieut. C. Mills, 33rd Regt. (Member 1841)

There is some controversy as to who actually painted this picture. A certain Miss S. Rendall writing in the times in 1927 – and for reasons far too complicated to go into here - suggests it is by George Cole (1810-1883).

Fox Hunting near Eastern Beach   - Thought to be in the region of Millstone Ravine                ( Major C. W. D. Stavely )

Gone to Ground in the Cork Woods ( Major C. W. D. Stavely )

Col. Cator mops his brow after a fast run in the Cork Woods late in the season, his last as master. Captain Phillpots was field master and hold his terrier. To his left the Whipper In, Captain Clerke holds back the hounds, on which a fast run on a warm day has had its effects. The Huntsman, Johnny Irwin, bends over the earth with a stern view of Sebastian the Spanish Earth-stopper whose screw, seen above to his right with his workmanlike azada slung from the saddle, has been ridden to a standstill. The other figures are Capt. Carey, facing the earth in a tall hat, and Capt. Frend, both like Clerke in the 26th Regt. (Cameronians).

Near ‘Gib’: A Run with the Royal Calpe Hounds - Pecino waits at Los Pinares to whip hounds off a deer line     ( Drawn by Lionel Edwards from a sketch by Frank Wallace )

The Royal Calpe Hunt Point-to-Point Meeting   - On the right Col. Price-Davis and his wife - the The fellow on the grey is Maj. C.H.S. Townsend    ( 1929 - Lionel Edwards )  

The Royal Calpe Hunt above Guadacorte - Miss Ida Marfé and Miss Mercedes Larios accompanied by Captain George Baird ADC to the Governor, follow the Master. The artist has depicted himself on the left on the grey -  ( 1929 ) From a water colour by Lionel Edwards )

Meet at the Duke of Kent’s Farm - The Marquéz de Marzales MFH with his Earth-stopper, Curro Pecino, and two local guardias. The Whipper In is Mr. Arthur Hankey. Also the building is Guadacorte Farm and not the one once owned by the Duke of Kent.

The Earth-Stopper - Curro Pecino    ( Lionel Edwards )

Hasta las Sierras! – The Day the Scent was Red Hot - Hounds cross the Los Barrios-Jerez de la Frontera Road in Nov 1937. The first Whipper Inn, Captain John Elwes, is way ahead with the main body of the pack in full cry. ‘Por allí! Todos los perros allí y un Ingles solo! Shouts a friendly peon excitedly to Capt. John Lacy on George as he and a select few are trying to catch up. Pecino is on Nemo in the foreground and the hound on the road is Dancer   
( Gerald Hare )

First River Ferry - Captain Lacey, Pecino and Lieut. Hare bring hounds across after a day’s hunting. The white hound is Monmouthshire Lively ’32.

Earth-stopper - Their job was to block up the entrances to fox holes which are also known as earths. 
Whipper In - A person who assists the huntsman to bring straying hounds back into the pack.
Huntsman - The person responsible for directing the hounds - In some case the Huntsman was also the Master
MFH – Master of Foxhounds - The man who operates the sporting activities of the hunt, maintains the kennels, and decides on how to spend the money raised by the club as well as often being the largest of financial contributors to the hunt. He will also have the final say over all matters in the field.

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