The People of Gibraltar
1830 - Piaget et Lailavoix - 2. The South

Introduction (See LINK)

Section 1

This west section identifies various military hospitals of which the most important - the old Naval - was built in 1747. Above Buena Vista is a very rare map mention of Glen Rocky - also known as the Devil’s Gorge. (See LINK) Unlike the equivalent French map also by Piaget et Lialavoix, Little Bay is identifies. The top flat featureless area was known as the Devil’s Bowling Green.  (See LINK) The “messhouse” is Bleak House. (See LINK)

Sections 2

The building to the south on the Europa Flat that is identified as “guard” is actually the Hermitage of Our Lady of Europa. (See LINK) Unfortunately I have as yet been unable to uncover the key to the various caption numbers on the plan.