The People of Gibraltar
1830 - Piaget et Lailavoix - 4. Catalan Bay

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Note that at the time people were still  living in the caves found at the back of the village - as many transient fisherman had done during the Spanish era. (See LINK

Section 4

The track at the bottom led to the Neutral Ground and was in effect the only way to and from the village other than by sea. 

Section 5

On the left, the track leading south towards Sandy Bay (See LINK

Section 6

The rocks were given names by the local villagers. The one on dry land on the left is known as "La Maseta" and the one in the water on the extreme right "La Mamela" - I don't know what the one in the middle is called.

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Section 9

I am not entirely sure but the rock was called "La Piedra de Martin".