The People of Gibraltar
1830 - Piaget et Lialavoix - The Town

Introduction (See LINK)


 Section 1

On the left, the Esplanade is today's Casemates Square. Waterport Gate is not shown and Landport Gate only vaguely positioned.  The Civil Hospital - top right - was instigated by General Don. As in the general plan for the entire Rock, both the Exchange and Commercial Library and Aaron Cardozo's house are shown in what was then known as Commercial Square. The old Villa Vieja is identified as Portuguese Town while Irish town id shown as a district rather than as a street. 

Section 2

Irish Town is described as an area rather than the name of a street.

Section 3

Starting top left, the Garrison Library and Garden in Governor's Parade, The Catholic Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned (See LINK) and the Protestant one of The Holy Trinity (see LINK) are both there. The later was completed in 1828 thus giving an important clue as to when the plan was created.  Town Range and Hargrave's Barracks and the Convent are also shown.

Section 4

On the right South Port Gate and Prince Edward's Gate.