The People of Gibraltar
1920S - William Bidwell RAMC - Gibraltar

I have no idea who William Bidwell was other than that during the early 1920s he was a private in the Royal Army Medical Corp and was stationed in Gibraltar. He worked at the British Military Hospital - known as the BMH for short and colloquially as Wedgewood Castle - possibly because of its monumental design and the odd blue colour of its outer facades.

Possibly William Bidwell - The caption is “your Humble”

William was probably an amateur photographer - with the emphasis on amateur - and kept an album in which he displayed a series of photographs which he took over a period of time which I suspect ran from 1922 - the date on the first page of the album - to 1926 - the date which he took his medical exam, a copy of which he included.

First page of the album

The album had an unusual system to framing system. The result seems to have been that some of the photos became dislodged over time, replaced inside the wrong frame and therefor with incorrect captions.

View towards the harbour from the hospital - showing the album’s unusual framing

Finally, out of a total of well over 100 photos, quite a few are general views of  Gibraltar. Several of them are probably postcards. Please click on the link below to view them.

Probably William Bidwell posing inside one of the BMH wards.

1920s - William Bidwell RAMC - Gibraltar Photo Album