The People of Gibraltar
1920s - William Bidwell RAMC - Gibraltar Photo Album

Catalan Bay - Top looks north - the rock in the middle is known as "la Mamela" - Bottom photo looks south - the larger rock nearest the camera was once called  "La Piedra de Martin"- the 'Kingfisher' - It honoured a local villager called Bernardo Bonfiglio who used to fish from it

Camp Bay - This south western beach was once used as a site for storing cables used by the Eastern Telegraph Company - for security reasons hardly anybody was allowed there - These photos must have been taken after 1923 when the cable depot was moved elsewhere

Parading in front of the Convent

VIP eentering and leaving the town through Southport Gate

Southport Gate looking north - Probably a postcard

Main Street 

Close to Southport Gates - Nowadays part of Inces Hall

Taken from a BMH ward

Taken from the BMH's Zymotic ward - South Barracks middle right - the area where the gas works once stood appears under construction 

Taken from a BMH wards  - As does the previous photo Soouth Barracks appears middle right. Unlike it the harbour is practically empty of warships


Canteen of the BMH

Five views of the Alameda Gardens

Top Entrance to Kingsway promenade
Bottom - Northern entrance to the Alameda Gardens

Europa Road

Governor's Cottage and Europa Lighthouse

Sports Day North Front

North Front Cemetery

Cross of Sacrifice - War Memorial at North Front

War Memorial at the "Buleva de las Palmeras" - the trees were still very small in the 1920s

The Moorish Castle