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2019 - Other Patios - Gibraltar

Patio Conti - Patio Grande 1 - Patio Grande 2 
Patio Hondo - Patio Ondo - Patio Sin Sol
Patio de la Logia - Patio del AACR - Patio de la Lojia
Patio Armstrong  - Patio de la Vernarda 
Patio Pisani - Patio Recagno - Patio Redondo
Patio Lito - Patio Chico - Patio Tito
Patio Butacas - 

Patio Conti

This is the only patio I could discover in Catalan Bay.

Pre 1879 - La Caleta - The building with the balcony is Patio Conti  (1879 - Captain Buckle’s Album)

c1885 - La Caleta - Patio Conti in the middle with its balcony partially dismantled -  there are no signs of quarry work or railways which would have been the case if the date had been later

c1900 - La Caleta - Patio Conti on the left - No balcony and plenty of quarry work visible

Patio Grande (1)
Tankerville House Patio . . . . “el Patio Grande”  . .  very fond memories

Tankerville House residents     (Adrian Ellul with thanks)

Patio Grande (2)

Main Street with Spanish Pavilion on the right (Eileen Barea with thanks)
Spanish Pavilion . . .  the lands and works dept had a workshop there with access on Library Street . . .
I think the depot on library street was called el Patio Grande . . .

Patio Hondo - Patio Ondo - Patio Sin Sol
Patio Ondo was up from Calle Comedia on the left and had another exit by Engineer’s Lane . . .
The narrow passage from el Patio Hondo is Serfaty’s next to Engineers Lane . . .
Miss M used to live in Castle Ramp, El Patio Hondo . . . 

Demaya's Ramp
I believe el Patio Ondo was also known as el Patio Sin Sol . . .
Patio Sin Sol, Demaya’s Ramp . . .
Patio Sin Sol was in Road to the Lines and not Demaya’s Ramp . . .
It’s Callejon Sin Sol . . .
I have no idea where Patio Sin Sol is as I've lived in Demaya's Ramp for over 20 years and never heard of it . . .
It's halfway up Demayas Ramp , just before the narrow steps on your left, those steps lead up to the entrance. We lived there about 40 years ago. 4 neighbours around the patio with an underground water tank and one toilet for all . . .

Patio de la Logia - Patio del AACR - Patio de la Lojia
31 Governor’s Parade, also known as el Patio del AACR 

Governor’s Parade looking South - Not sure whether any of the buildings in view is the Patio de la Logia/ del AACR

I don’t know the reason for either of the two names for this patio. I presume the first referrers to the fact that the building was once used as a Masonic lodge , the second because it was once frequented by members of the AACR - the Association for the Advancement of Civil Rights - an important post -WWII local political party which no longer exists. It may have been their headquarters for a while.

In 2017 the local development and planning commission proposed the conversion of the Calpe Lodge at 31 Governor's Parade from a dilapidated building to an admin office with a store on first floor. 

An alternative site for a patio with a similar name - Patio de la Lojia is offered by another contributor:
I seem to remember that el Patio de la Lojia was further up Prince Edwards Road, opposite the Masonic Lodge. It is now a block of flats. I remember that when they knocked it done in the early 1950s to build the block of flats, they found a number of skeletons when digging the foundations.
Patio Armstrong  

Known locally as Patio Mistron its address was in Armstrong Steps which lead up to Witham’s Road and close to St Josephs Church. 

Armstrong Steps

As regards when Patio Armstrong was built a comment by a patio resident on a photograph of Gibraltar Harbour offers a clue:

Gibraltar Harbour    (Francis Frith - 1860s) 
Sir, a stunning photo, as for dating it, I live on the patio of Armstrong's Steps, the west block was built about 1867 I think and does not seem to be here so I guess that makes your photo at least mid 1860s

Patio de la Vernarda 

Possibly a mispronunciation of Bernarda but not according to a resident:
El Patio de la Vernarda en Willis’s era el Patio que vivia los policias y la pescaito vivia alado”
Unfortunately “Willis’s” could be either the Road or the Passage - the former being more likely.
Pescaito was an eccentric lady who lived at Willis's Road. Always seen brushing the hill with her broom and if you went past without comment she would turn round and give you a taste of her broom . . . . 

Patio Pisani

(Sam Benady with thanks)

Gunner’s Lane - The original English name was Artillery Lane as the Commander of the Royal Artillery had his house here. During the 18th century the Lane became known as Gunner's Lane as it occupied the back section of the Artillery Barracks in Governor's Parade. The Artillery Barracks later became the Sergeant's Mess. Local names included el Callejon de la Iglesia and Detrás de la Iglesia.

Cannon Lane

Patio Recagno
Prince Edwards Road . . . . 

Patio Redondo

I think the patio beside Ballymena house was called El Patio Redondo.

Patio Lito
22 Willis’s Road - opposite Danino’s Ramp and Willis’s Passage

Patio Chico
Patio Chico was where the former Public Works Dept had their workshops - doing carpentry and so forth - in Ragged Staff. It’s a public parking place now. The former battery has been turned into a restaurant.

Patio Tito

Patio Tito (Tito Garcia with thanks)
Patio Tito is behind Anderson House in Calpe Estate

Patio Butacas 

Theatre Royal - Teatro Real

Not a patio at all but a typical Llanitada as explained by local historian Tito Vallejo:
The name ("Patio Butacas") given to the stalls at the very front of in the Teatro Real - The side ones were Platea and in Yanito, "a los laos".

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