The People of Gibraltar
1915 – Alice Welford – Gibraltar Photos – Part 1

The selection of photographs shown below follows roughly the order in which she stuck them in her album. As far as I can see they are not in chronological order. The subject matter is mostly about her place of work and the people who were her colleagues and patients. Many of these I have left out as they tend to be repetitive.

Gibraltar as a place appears fleetingly. There is a single photo taken of the neutral ground and two of the Moorish Castle from somewhere in town which means she must have visited it at least once. Yet there are none of the town itself – no South Port Gates, Convent, Main Street, Commercial Square, Casemates Square, market or Waterport . . . and hardly any - if at all - of the local inhabitants which makes me think that her contact with Gibraltarians was minimal.

She was no doubt inhibited by what must have been a more or less blanket prohibition by the authorities as regards taking photos of military sites which might be of interest to the enemy – which may have covered almost the entire Fortress during the war. Even the one exception – the 2nd Europa Advance Battery taken from an odd angle – is one that was obviously off the prohibition lists as it has been photographed by all and sundry hundreds of times during the late 19th and early 20th century.

Whatever the reasons, here are Alice's first lot of snapshots. The captions are hers.

“Fig tree Europa. July 1915”

Alice is the one on the right. I don't know where the fig tree was.

“Europa Pass”

They would have had to travel through this one to go into town

“Sisters Quarters Europa”

“First arrival of patients at Europa 1 and 2”

“Patients waiting to hear the band play”

“Light House Europa”

“Europa Point”

To be pedantic it was more often referred to as “Little Europa Point” – Europa Point was south east of it - The building is Bleak House which was originally built as a sanatorium in 1817. It was probably used as an officer’s Quarters in the early 20th century

“Bleak House Gib 1915”

“Europa Huts and Apes Hill”

Apes Hill is Gebel Musa across the Straights in Morocco – The quality of this copy is too poor to make it out.

“Spanish peasant” 

“The Rock Gibraltar”

Possibly somewhere on the western shore between Camp and Little Bay

“Ross -The battery”

Ross is presumably the fellow sitting on the cannon – but I can’t identify the location.

“A familiar scene”

Probably women from La Línea looking after somebody’s washing – or selling something

“Patients having a picnic on the Governor’s Barge”

Sir Herbert Miles was Governor of the Rock from 1913 to 1919 – never heard of him having a personal barge.

“Sisters Quarters Europa”

“Spanish costume”

“Spanish Street scene”

Probably taken in Gibraltar with local residents

“The Rock Gibraltar”

See previous Rock of Gibraltar photo

“View of the Bay from the quarters Europa”

“General Military Hospital Gibraltar”

Bottom one is probably a bought professional photo.

“Picnic near the Queen of Spain’s hair Jan 1916” – “Picnic Línea Jan 1916”

The “Queen of Spain’s Chair” was the name given to Sierra Carbonera, a hill in Spain just to the north of Gibraltar – with a medieval tower that stood at the top.

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