The People of Gibraltar
1915 - Alice Welford - Gibraltar Photos - Part 2

“Sentry, Sisters Quarters”

The white sail-like object in front of the sentry was used as an adjustable protection from the sun – They were a common sight on the Rock for many years.

“Arrival of patients Oct 1915”

All four photos above with the same caption.

“Arrival of patients to Bombproof”

“Chairing patients dining hall”


The Mauretania was used as a troopship during the Gallipoli campaign and was then converted into a hospital ship in 1916.

“School house.  Moorish Mosque”

The “Moorish Mosque” may have been originally Islamic but when Gibraltar was captured by Anglo-Dutch forces in 1704 it was the Spanish Catholic Chapel of our Lady of Europa. During the early 18th century it was used as a guard house.

“Church Parade Europa”

“Officers’ Quarters Europa”

Windmill Hill plateau behind the quarters with the sugar loaf looming above it.

Top “Funeral Procession at Europa Nov 1915” -  Bottom “Starting from Europa”

The funeral was that of Pte W.J. Smith - but I don't know the reason why the death of a private should have been given such an important burial procession. 

“Europa Hospital” – “Blocks 1 and 2  Gib 1915”

Little friends at Gibraltar”

These two ape photos also appear in Louise Hooke’s album.

“The oldest monkey on the Rock. Gib 1915”

“Camp Bay and South Mole Gib 1916”

"Buena Vista from Sisters’ Quarters"

Buena Vista is the name of the barracks that can be seen top right

“O’Hara’s Point”

The reference is to a tower known as O’Hara’s Folly which once stood at the top of the Sugar Loaf, the tallest ridge on the Rock and which appears behind the nurses. The house in the middle background is Governor’s Cottage which was built as a summer residence for the Governor.

“Rock Caves”

The view is towards three caves within Gibraltar’s World Heritage site. Just below where the Alice must have stood to take this one is the much photographed 2nd Europa Advance Battery. The stone slab that identifies it is just visible bottom right.

“View across to Tarifa Point from Sisters’ Quarters”

“Cathedral Gibraltar”

Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

“Alameda Road Gibraltar”

Although the road does run along the Alameda Gardens it is actually named Europa Road and is the main road to the south. The top photo -I think – looks south, the bottom one north.

“Spanish bullfight at Linea Aug 1915”

“Linea” is the Spanish frontier town of La Línea de la Concepción.

“Moorish Castle Gibraltar 1916”

“Moorish Castle from town 1916”

"Neutral Ground taken from the Castle, showing Linea and Spanish coast"

“Part of Staff at Europa 1916”

“Gibraltar 1916”

"The Europa Staff, Gibraltar 1916"

All three of the above were probably taken when the nurses were about to leave for St Ignatius Hospital in Malta. Could that “X that marks the spot” have been Alice’s dormitory?

On their way to Malta.

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